A Baseline Survey on Gender Based Violence in Kenya

A new survey released by the National Crime and Research Centre shows that cases of gender violence against men have increased in the last one year. The report which targeted 819 respondents (656 female and 163 male) in 13 counties (Northeastern counties were not included) said current prevalence was 48.6 percent for men and 37.7 percent for women.

NCRC Principal Researcher Stephen Muteti says this is consistent with the common belief about increased vulnerability of men as reported in the media. “More men than women reported GBV to be bodily harm inflicted by woman on man and psychological harm inflicted by woman on man. This reflects a gender bias in which women trivialize the experience of men and cultural change in which men admit being victimized by women,” he said during release of the report. Click here to view report

Establishment of the Centre

The National Crime Research Centre is a State Corporation under the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice. The Centre is established by an Act of Parliament, the National Crime Research Act CAP 62 Laws of Kenya. NCRC was operationalized in 2010 after its delinking from the former State Law Office.

The establishment of the centre is in line with the International best practice where research has provided critical information on what works to impact on crime and disorder and has helped to generate programmes that can assist criminal justice agencies. The centre strives to foster co-ordination in international and regional research, sharing information, infrastructure and mutual assistance. The centre is offering practical cost effective solutions to crime that are geared towards improving people's lives.

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