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As provided for in Section 5 of the National Crime Research Act, for the attainment of its objects, the Centre shall:

1) carry out coordinated research into, and evaluate the impact of, programmes pursued by the agencies responsible for
    the administration of criminal justice;
2) collate all crime related data;
3) carry out research into any criminal activity and in particular-
    (i)  crime causation and prevention;
    (ii)  group or culture related crimes;
    (iii)  socio-political and economic causes of criminal behavior including drug trafficking, peddling or addiction;
    (iv) the modus operandi of persons engaged in any criminal activity;
    (v) juvenile delinquency;
4) carry out research into deviations from the criminal justice system with a view to increasing the awareness and
    responsibility of the community in the rehabilitation of criminal offenders;
5) carry out research into the efficacy and adequacy of criminal investigation and prosecution agencies, the penal system
    and the treatment of criminal offenders;
6) disseminate its research findings through publications, workshops, seminars, the mass media and other appropriate
    means of dissemination;
7) communicate its research findings and recommendations to the agencies of Government concerned with the
    administration of criminal justice, with a view to assisting them in their policy formulation and planning;
8) liaise with any other research bodies within or outside Kenya engaged in the pursuit of similar or related research.

Our Vision

To be a World Class Crime Research Institution

Our Mission
To provide quality and authentic research into causes of crime and its prevention with a view to achieving a crime free society

Our Contacts

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National Crime Research Centre,

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