Issue & Policy Briefs

Research Publications

1.Issue Brief on: Prevalence and Types of Election Crimes and Offences.

 2. Issue Brief on:Existing Control Measures and their Effectiveness in dealing with Election Crimes and Offences

3. Issue Brief on:Effects of Election Crimes and Offences.

4. Issue Brief on:Factors Contributing to Election Crimes and Offences in Kenya.

5.Issue Brief on:Challenges faced in the Control of Election Crimes and Offences in Kenya.

6. Issue Brief on:Perpetrators of Election Crimes and Offences in Kenya.

7. Issue Brief on:Tackling the Dangerous Drift:  Armyworms Invasion, Food Security and Crime Threat.

8. Issue Brief on:Motives and Factors Encouraging Kidnappings in Kenya.

9.Issue Brief on:The Main Victims and Perpetrators of Kidnappings. 

10.Issue Brief on:The Modes of Executing Kidnappings. 

11.Issue Brief on:Prevalence of the Crime of Kidnappings.

12.Issue Brief on:Existing Interventions and their Effectiveness in addressing Kidnappings in Kenya.

13.Issue Brief on:Election Without Disruption Picking-out Disruptive Events of 2017 General Elections in Kenya. 

14.Issue Brief on:The Role of the Community in Kidnappings.  

15.Issue Brief on:Challenges faced in preventing and combating kidnappings.

16.Issue Brief on:Effects of the Crime of Kidnapping.


















  1. Crime and Violence Prevention Training:Baseline Survey: Nakuru and Vihiga
  2. A Baseline of Information on Physical Threats against Women in Nairobi (2012), Battering, Rape, andLethal Violence,A Working Paper of the Small Arms Survey.
  3. Studies in crime and violence prevention in Kenya: A Training Tool for Crime and Violence Prevention
  4. Conflict, Security and the Extractives Industries in Turkana Kenya: Emerging Issues 2012 – 2015
  5. Conflict Assessment / 2014 Northern Kenya and Somaliland,Danish Demining Group, 2015
  6. Devolution is only for development’?Decentralization and elite vulnerabilityon the Kenyan coast.
  7. Policing the Periphery Opportunities and Challengesfor Kenya Police Reserves 2013.
  8. Availability of SmallArms and Perceptions of Security in Kenya: (2012) An Assessment:A study by the Small Arms Survey and Kenya National Focus Point on Small Armsand Light Weapons


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